Cyber ​​attacks targeting the supply chain of the automobile industry, such as Toyota Motor's business partners, are occurring one after another, but the American subsidiary of the automobile parts manufacturer "Ransomware" headquartered in Tokyo has a ransom-requesting computer virus " It was newly discovered that the company was attacked by a cyber attack by "Ransomware".

The cyber-attack was carried out by Sanoh America, a subsidiary in the United States of Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd., an automobile parts manufacturer headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

According to Sanoh Industrial Co., Ltd., on the 12th of this month, it was confirmed on the 23rd that internal information may have been leaked due to a cyber attack that seems to be caused by a ransomware computer virus that requires a ransom.

"Sanoh America" ​​mainly manufactures automobile brake tubes and fuel pipes for the United States, and after being attacked, it took measures such as cutting off the Internet connection, which has affected production. It means that there is no such thing.

According to the security company, a group of hackers calling themselves "Conti" claims to have aimed at this company on a dark site on the Internet.

"Conti" uses ransomware to perform cyber attacks that encrypt data such as companies and make it invisible, and if the requested ransom is not paid, it threatens to release the stolen data. It has been with.

As of 22nd this month, hacker groups have already posted about 900 megabytes of data that seems to have been stolen from the company on a dark site, including documents related to budget management and files that appear to be minutes of meetings. That is.

Regarding the cyber attack by ransomware, Toyota Motor Corp. suspended the operation of all domestic factories last month due to the damage to the parts maker of its business partner, and this month, the major parts maker Denso's Germany Attacks aimed at the supply chain of the automobile industry are occurring one after another, such as targeting the bases of the automobile industry.