"Home of the Heart" in Haiqing Tongyao's drama arouses the audience's heated discussion about the collective efforts of Mesozoic actresses

  The TV series "House of the Heart" has recently been broadcast on the screen, and the topic of "The Dilemma of Mesozoic Actresses" triggered by the "acting duel" between Haiqing and Tong Yao has once again attracted people's attention.

  "House of the Heart" sets up a double heroine structure. As soon as the aunts-in-law, Feng Xiaoqin, played by Hai Qing, and Gu Qingyu, played by Tong Yao, appeared on the stage, it caused a comparison among the audience.

In the play, the two heroines have different life trajectories: Feng Xiaoqin, played by Hai Qing, works diligently and thrifty to take care of the family and children, and at the same time dreams of owning a house of her own; self-management.

The aunt and sister-in-law battle caused by the house purchase incident in the play caused the audience to discuss the acting skills of the two actresses outside the play.

Haiqing, who has the reputation of "national daughter-in-law", once again used her acting skills to circle fans and received many praises.

In addition, Yin Tao, Song Jia, Bai Baihe, Yan Ni, Yuan Quan and other Mesozoic actresses have performed well in recent dramas such as "The World", "Our Marriage", "Perfect Companion", "This Life Has You", etc. Let netizens call "Mesozoic actresses have been seen".

  Indeed, as can be seen from the episodes broadcast in the first quarter of this year, the Mesozoic actresses showed a state of collective strength.

From Liu Tao in "The Sea of ​​Stars" at the beginning of the year, Song Jia in "Dignified Dress", to Bai Baihe in "Our Marriage", Yuan Quan in "Meeting Season", Yin Tao in "The World", and "House of the Heart" Haiqing brings different characters to the screen.

As more and more works in the Chinese drama market focus on women's life and growth, more and more female themes and roles are being explored, and the problem of Mesozoic actresses having "no drama to play" is being solved.

  But what is worth noting is the existence of role solidification in works of the same theme.

For example, Bai Baihe, who is good at starring in urban dramas, whether in the just-concluded "Our Marriage", or in the previous film and television works "Who Calls My Youth", "33 Days of Broken Love" and "Breakup Contract", she played the role. They are all eloquent, sharp and straightforward types.

This phenomenon is also traceable to several other Mesozoic actresses.

In the face of audiences whose appreciation level is increasing day by day, once the phenomenon of role solidification becomes the norm, it will inevitably face the elimination of the market.

Therefore, if Mesozoic actresses want to truly solve the career crisis brought about by age growth, more different types of attempts and prevention of role labeling are the keys to achieving career breakthroughs.

  Our reporter Liu Guifang