• On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, "20 Minutes" shares with you the most striking memories of its journalists.

  • Today, George Lucas' farewell to "Star Wars" in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival.

2005, May 15.

It's the big day for George Lucas.

At Cannes, he presents

Revenge of the Sith

, the last film in the

Star Wars

saga that he directed himself, before receiving a trophy celebrating his career on the Queen Mary 2 moored in the bay.

Pathological shyness

George Lucas is a huge filmmaker but not the most expansive man in the galaxy.

Despite the film's triumphant reception that very morning, his pathological shyness seems to serve as a pretext for him to avoid the gaze of the privileged who seek to compliment him.

And no matter how much you are a film journalist for

20 Minutes, meeting a director of this caliber remains impressive, especially when you are a

Star Wars

fan yourself


At the end of the ceremony, I go all out and slip aboard the canoe which takes the maestro back to dry land.

At the stern, George Lucas faces the spray with an air worthy of a ship's captain in stormy weather.

Lost for lost, I throw myself: “You are… the king of the world today!

Unexpected chance: this allusion to


makes him laugh.

“You are right but I am a little sad, confides the filmmaker to me.

Today, I am saying goodbye to my children.

This is the end of a story for me.

" What ?

No !

He can't do that and you tell him that without even thinking.

"Oh, they will continue to exist without me," he says with a smile before leaving the canoe.

And I see him walking away with his trophies trying to avoid the crowd waiting for him on the beach...


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