In Hokkaido, it was confirmed that 885 new people were infected with the new coronavirus, and 4 people were announced dead.

Infections were confirmed in 447 people, including 6 people who were re-positive in Sapporo, 118 in Ishikari, 73 in Iburi, 36 in Asahikawa, 28 in Tokachi, and 27 in Kushiro. , 25 people including 2 people who re-positive in Otaru city, 23 people in Sorachi region, 21 people each in Hakodate city and Koshi region and Kushiro region, 16 people in Okhotsk region, 15 people in Watashima region, 6 people in Nemuro region , 4 people in Hidaka region, 1 person each in Kushiro region and Rumoi region, and 2 people including 1 person outside Hokkaido who announced that the road is "other", totaling 885 people.

In addition, among the people who have been confirmed to be infected so far, one woman in her 90s, Sapporo city has one man in her 80s and one woman in her 90s, and Hakodate city has not disclosed the age and gender. A total of four people have been announced dead.

As a result, the total number of infected people in Hokkaido is 207,760, including the total of 113,335 in Sapporo City, and the number of people who have died is 1,904.