Oracle bone inscriptions are an important part of Chinese civilization and a precious treasure left by our ancestors.

In order to actively promote the education of oracle bone inscriptions, inherit and develop the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, cultivate the cultural self-confidence of college students, and achieve the goal of building morality and cultivating people, it is located in Luoyang, the first batch of national historical and cultural cities, ancient capitals of thirteen dynasties, and the sub-center of the Central Plains urban agglomeration. The Polytechnic has always adhered to the school-running philosophy of "reassuring the government, satisfying the society, and benefiting students", integrating the fundamental goal of morality and cultivating people into the whole process of education, and taking the inheritance and development of oracle bone culture as a starting point for teaching innovation.

Clarify the concept of inheriting and developing oracle bone inscriptions culture, consolidate the foundation of morality and people

  The school attaches great importance to the inheritance and development of the oracle bone inscriptions, and always stands in the overall situation and plans the inheritance plan as a whole, laying a solid foundation for the inheritance and development of the oracle bone inscriptions culture.

  The oracle bone inscriptions "Ding" and "people" are used as the main elements of the school badge, implying that the school is committed to the people, the Central Plains, the country, and the world, keeping up with the trend of higher education development; the school created the Chinese Historical Civilization Inheritance and Innovation Research Center approved The key research base of humanities and social sciences in colleges and universities in Henan Province, its research on the relationship between Heluo culture and Chinese historical civilization has made positive contributions to the promotion of excellent traditional culture including oracle bone inscriptions.

The school holds an academic seminar on the inheritance and innovation of Heluo culture and Chinese historical civilization, in-depth exploration of the era value of excellent traditional culture, expanding the research space and dimension of excellent traditional culture, and playing an important role in promoting the prosperity of research on excellent traditional culture.

At the same time, integrate Heluo cultural resources, highlight the local characteristics of Luoyang, build Heluo culture into a regional cultural brand with distinctive characteristics, guide students to pay attention to the development of traditional Luoyang culture, perceive the beauty of "intangible cultural heritage" such as oracle bone inscriptions, and use modern communication vision to inherit Intangible cultural heritage.

Sign art co-construction agreements with art venues such as Luoyang Ancient Luozhai Art Museum, explore a new model for the coordinated development of education and museums, highlight the school's profound humanistic heritage, and play the role of excellent traditional culture, including oracle bone inscriptions, in talent training .

Carrying out the practice of inheriting and developing the oracle bone inscriptions culture, strengthening the measures of morality and cultivating people

  Chinese characters are an important carrier of the inheritance of Chinese culture. The structure of oracle bone inscriptions with a history of more than 3,000 years is similar to that of modern Chinese characters.

Henan is the first place to discover oracle bone inscriptions. The school gives full play to its cultural heritage innovation advantages and regional advantages, and organizes a large number of human and material resources to serve the traditional cultural heritage development strategy. Based on oracle bone inscriptions, the school integrates design, archaeology, history and other multidisciplinary knowledge to conduct in-depth research. Research and play the important role of excellent traditional culture in building morality and cultivating people, and have achieved remarkable results.

  In recent years, Luoyang Institute of Technology has organized academic leaders, young and middle-aged academic backbones, and scientific research managers to put forward a number of important research values ​​and practices around the creative transformation and innovative development of Henan’s excellent traditional culture, such as the inheritance and development of Oracle bone inscriptions. meaningful project topics.

Projects such as "Research on the Collection, Arrangement and Visual Schema Construction of Handicrafts Seen by Oracle Bone Inscriptions" and "Research on "Modular" Configuration Design of Oracle Bone Inscriptions have been approved for the 2021 Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of Education, and the 2020 Henan Provincial Social Science Fund Project. There are 6 provincial and ministerial-level projects including the Science Planning Fund Project and the 2021 Henan Provincial Social Science Planning Youth Fund Project; the Oracle special research has won 5 first prizes and 2 second prizes at the prefectural level.

Expand the channels for inheriting and developing the oracle bone inscriptions culture, innovate the way to build morality and cultivate people

  The school expands various channels to promote students' inheritance and development of oracle bone culture, and to improve students' interest and efficiency in understanding, learning and researching oracle bone inscriptions.

  The students gave full play to their professional advantages and combined oracle bone science and design. The murals "Dragon Vessel Context - The Image of Surnames" and graphic design "Imagination Words" were selected for the exhibition organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the China Artists Association. The 12th National Art Exhibition and won the first prize of the provincial art exhibition.

  The school carries out the characteristic studio course of "Calligraphy and Chinese Character Culture", with more than 150 students enrolled in each semester.

This course integrates the oracle bone inscription theory into the teaching of calligraphy, so that more young students can learn about oracle bone inscriptions, love oracle bone inscriptions, study oracle bone inscriptions, and consciously inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

The school held the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" intangible cultural heritage exhibition on campus, allowing teachers and students to experience the charm of Chinese intangible culture such as oracle bone inscriptions at close range.

A number of measures are aimed at cultivating more youth groups who understand intangible cultural heritage, love intangible cultural heritage, and are familiar with intangible cultural heritage knowledge, assist the construction of scholarly Luoyang Institute of Technology, and practice the application of more artistic elements including oracle bone inscriptions To meet the requirements of urban and rural planning and construction, express and explore the development of traditional culture in the context of contemporary reality, and contribute to strengthening cultural self-confidence.

  (Xing Lizhi and Qiao Yingjie)