A Thai fortune-teller raises controversy!...Did she warn of the downing of the Chinese plane

Social media activists on a global scale re-circulated a video clip of a famous Thai fortune-teller who predicted a horrific airline accident, stressing that it would be due to a strange disease that would affect its passengers and cause them to lose control.

The Thai doctor, Nauracha Benichapu Kakorn, or as she is known as Dr. Bli, a famous fortune-teller who predicted important events several times, predicted a plane crash due to the inability to control the passengers who would be strangely ill, and most likely with an unknown virus, according to the site “ The Thaiger"K and "RT"

Internet users linked the unfortunate accident that occurred on Monday of the Boeing 737 flight MU5735 of China Eastern Airlines, which had 132 people on board, with the prediction of divination, and re-circulated a video of it.

Dr. Bly appears in one of the episodes of the “WOODY LIVE” program, warning against traveling by plane, because there will be news of a plane crash soon.

“One of the planes will have trouble, rather because its passengers are so sick that they will be out of control,” said the fortune-teller.

I call on all airline workers to disinfect themselves before operating their flights.”

"If you don't need to travel, don't travel, especially plane travel," she added.

And she continued: “Certainly a new strain of one of the viruses coming from the plane, one hundred percent, there will be news of a plane crash.

It is also possible that the plane has serious problems or the pilot is ill.”

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