General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee a few days ago, deploying strict efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, emphasizing that "we must always adhere to the supremacy of the people and life", pointing out the direction for epidemic prevention and control.

All regions, departments and parties must keep in mind the original mission and put the people first and life first into practice.

  For more than two years, not giving up every infected person, saving lives at all costs, and protecting people's lives and health to the greatest extent possible is the commitment of the Communist Party of China to more than 1.4 billion people, and it is a true portrayal of my country's anti-epidemic journey.

  People first and life first are the concepts that run through our country's fight against the epidemic.

A square cabin hospital rose from the ground, and the builders raced against time to build the ward; each figure was running against danger in the middle of the night, and the medical workers stood by the front line to save lives; one after another, the measures to benefit the people were implemented, and the community workers were protecting the masses. Life is busy and busy... The original intention and mission of the Chinese Communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.

  Always adhere to the supremacy of the people and life, the prevention and control measures must be implemented in detail, the emergency response to the epidemic must be quickly carried out, and the monitoring, epidemiological investigation, isolation medical observation, community (village) epidemic prevention and control, sample collection and testing must be improved. 's plan.

  It is necessary to adhere to the general strategy of "foreign defense against imports, internal defense against rebound" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing", improve the level of scientific and precise prevention and control, optimize epidemic prevention and control measures, build a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control, and effectively safeguard people's lives and health healthy.

  It is necessary to coordinate the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and the protection of people's lives, stabilize prices, smooth logistics, and effectively protect the "rice bags" and "vegetable baskets" of the people, meet the needs of the people in difficulty, and open up green channels for saving lives.

  Persistence is victory, and the dawn is ahead.

In a race against time and against the virus, we must fully implement every detail of prevention and control.

Let us practice the solemn promise of people first and life first with firmer confidence and more precise measures.

(Reporter Peng Yunjia)