On the 21st, a fire broke out on a fishing boat sailing in the Pacific Ocean off Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture, and then sank. We continue to search in time.

After 7:00 am on the 21st, a fire broke out from the tuna longline fishing boat "51st Yujinmaru" in Kochi prefecture, about 185 km southeast of Tanegashima, Kagoshima prefecture, and the fishing boat sank about 10 hours later. Did.

According to the 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, of the eight crew members, two Japanese and six Indonesians, three Indonesians were rescued by tankers sailing nearby.

In addition, one person was found drifting and was rescued by the Japan Coast Guard Headquarters, but it was confirmed that he had died at the destination.

Currently, the whereabouts of the four people are unknown, and the Japan Coast Guard Headquarters has launched an aircraft and patrol boat and continues to search 24 hours a day.