In the trial following the fatal boat accident on Lake Garda in Italy, the court in Brescia sentenced the two accused Germans to prison terms.

The boat driver gets four years and six months and the boat owner two years and eleven months, judge Mauroernesto Macca said on Monday in the northern Italian city.

The two 52-year-old Munich residents collided shortly before midnight on June 19 near the western shore of the lake with the wooden boat of an Italian couple from the area.

37-year-old Umberto Garzarella and 25-year-old Greta Nedrotti died.

The Germans testified in court at the end of February that they had not noticed that they had collided with a boat during the night.

Instead, they assumed flotsam.

The men were charged with manslaughter and failure to provide assistance.

The verdict is not yet legally binding.