(Sichuan United Front People said United Front matters) Hong Kong youth Xiao Xiqing: to be a "bridge-builder" for youth exchanges between Sichuan and Hong Kong

  China News Service, Chengdu, March 20th (Su Qiuwen and Yue Yitong) "In recent years, Sichuan's economy has achieved rapid development, and the cooperation and exchanges between Sichuan and Hong Kong have also reached a new level. The establishment of relevant innovation and entrepreneurship platforms has deepened the cooperation between the two places, and also provided the Hong Kong youth provides a bigger stage. But how to discover and seize opportunities depends on us Hong Kong youth themselves." Xiao Xiqing, former chief operator of Sichuan-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community, said in an interview with Chinanews.com recently.

  29-year-old Xiao Xiqing has been in Sichuan for nearly 9 years to study and start a business.

His relationship with the western province began in 2011.

At that time, he participated in the "Walking Miles"-Mainland Exchange Program for Hong Kong High School Students organized by the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and went to Sichuan for the first time.

During the period, Sichuan's cultural heritage and economic construction left a deep impression on Xiao Xiqing, who was smug about the future.

Subsequently, he was admitted to the School of Public Administration of Sichuan University through the "Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Higher Admissions Joint Entrance Examination".

Xiao Xiqing reported to the SAR government officials including Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor on the entrepreneurship and study of young people in Sichuan and Hong Kong.

Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  During college, Xiao Xiqing met many young Hong Kong students who came to the mainland to study.

In order to help the "first-timers" to adapt to the local life as soon as possible and promote the exchange between Sichuan and Hong Kong, Xiao Xiqing founded the Sichuan University Hong Kong Students Association.

In the process of carrying out related work, Xiao Xiqing's plan for the future gradually took shape. He decided to stay in Sichuan to start a business and help Hong Kong youth and entrepreneurs connect with policy resources and social resources.

  In November 2017, the Sichuan-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community established by Sichuan Friends Association (Hong Kong) and Sichuan Changjiang Vocational College was formally established. Xiao Xiqing was invited to become the chief operator.

The community includes a 1,500-square-meter shared office area "Sichuan-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center", a 300-square-meter apartment-style "Gangsheng Post Station", and "Sichuan-Hong Kong Cooperation Experimental Center" and "Sichuan-Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship Center", etc. It provides one-stop services for young people to live, work and start businesses in Sichuan.

The picture shows Xiao Xiqing.

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  In the Mainland, young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong often encounter problems such as unfamiliar policies and lack of contacts.

In order to better provide help to Hong Kong youth, the Sichuan-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community has formulated the "March 7 Commitment".

If Hong Kong youths encounter problems in life or entrepreneurship, the community will give a reply within 3 working days; if the problems of Hong Kong youths are within the capacity of the community, the community will help them solve them within 7 working days.

Through years of hard work, the Sichuan-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community has assisted 17 Hong Kong youth entrepreneurial teams to successfully start businesses in Sichuan, involving cultural and creative, big data, computer, medical and other fields.

  "While serving the young people in Hong Kong, this responsibility has also made me personally." Xiao Xiqing has deep feelings for Sichuan, "I have achieved very good development in terms of personal growth and career." In recent years, to Sichuan More and more young people in Hong Kong are learning and developing. Xiao Xiqing said frankly that he hopes to rely on the Sichuan-Hong Kong youth innovation and entrepreneurship community to help more Hong Kong youth truly understand Sichuan, fall in love with Sichuan, and stay in Sichuan.

  In 2017, Xiao Xiqing and Sichuan Friends Association (Hong Kong) organized and planned an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, inviting more than 20 students from City University of Hong Kong to experience and study in Sichuan.

"Most of these young people from Hong Kong came to Sichuan for the first time and were curious about Sichuan." Xiao Xiqing said with a smile. At that time, he taught them some simple Sichuan dialects. Everyone found it very interesting, and they still remembered it after returning to Hong Kong.

"The communication between the two places has been brought closer through the down-to-earth way of dialect. This also proves that the exchanges between Hong Kong and Sichuan can be carried out in various fields."

Xiao Xiqing communicated with university students in Sichuan and Hong Kong.

Photo by Anyuan

  In 2018, the "Sichuan-Hong Kong Cooperation Conference" mechanism was established, and the exchanges and cooperation between Sichuan and Hong Kong in the fields of economy, trade and culture gradually deepened.

"Sichuan's rapid economic development, unlimited potential, strong social inclusion, and strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship are all reasons to attract Hong Kong young people to start businesses here." Xiao Xiqing said.

  In Xiao Xiqing's view, young people in Hong Kong now have many new opportunities and can achieve self-achievement on more and better platforms, but the most important thing is to learn to grasp these opportunities.

He hopes to build the Sichuan-Hong Kong youth innovation and entrepreneurship community into a platform with a demonstration effect, allowing more exchanges and cooperation between young people from the two places, and attracting more young people from Hong Kong to come to Sichuan to realize their dreams of entrepreneurship and employment.

  When it comes to the future, Xiao Xiqing is smug.

He told reporters that he hoped to further contribute to the deepening of Sichuan-Hong Kong youth exchanges from multiple levels.

  The first is to rely on the "Sichuan University Hong Kong Students' Association" to continue to unite and serve the hundreds of Hong Kong students studying in Sichuan; the second is to rely on relevant platforms to continue to link Sichuan's innovation and entrepreneurship resources to attract more Hong Kong entrepreneurial youth to come Sichuan development; in addition, after the epidemic is over, relying on relevant Hong Kong institutions and associations, Hong Kong middle school students can fully understand the overall environment of Sichuan and the development of Sichuan universities, hoping to attract more Hong Kong middle school students to study and develop in Sichuan; In terms of architectural design, technology, etc., it will attract more Hong Kong professionals to come to Sichuan for professional exchanges and cooperation.