Crossroads of Europe

The migration challenge at the time of the war in Ukraine

Poland alone hosts more than half of all refugees who have fled since the start of the Russian invasion.


By: Frederique Lebel

1 min

The war in Ukraine poses a new migratory challenge to Europe, at a time when it is considering the new conditions for entering its soil.

The immense solidarity in welcoming the victims of the Ukrainian war should not make us forget that a month and a half ago, migrants died on the border between Belarus and Poland.

Is the war in Ukraine upsetting the reception of foreigners on European soil?

What new migration and asylum policy in Europe?

And what strategy for Africa?


So many questions that we will be asking our guests during the

European Interviews in Enghien

, the theme of which this year is "An increasingly uncertain world: Can Europe cope?"

Enghien meetings, organized by Iris, the Institute of International and Strategic Relations. 

Our guests :

- Catherine Wihtol de Wenden, Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS

- Nathalie Godard,

director of action at Amnesty International France

- Gaëtan Gorce,

associate researcher at IRIS, honorary member of Parliament.


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