New crown antigen self-test products have been put on the shelves in Guangzhou pharmacies

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporters Zhao Fangyuan, Tu Duanyu photography report) Last night, Guangzhou Daily all media reporters took the lead in seeing the new crown antigen self-test products sold offline in a pharmacy in Jinshazhou, Baiyun District - from Rejing Bio and Boose's novel coronavirus antigen detection kit.

The reporter was informed that the major pharmacies in Guangzhou are actively stocking up recently.

  1 person package is priced at 42 yuan

  190RMB for 5 people

  "The new crown antigen test kit you want has arrived, how much do you need? We don't have much stock, I'll keep it for you!" At 10 o'clock in the evening on March 19, the clerk of the Shekang Pharmaceutical Store sent a message to the reporter " Arrived" message.

  The reporter immediately came to the pharmacy and saw the clerk take out two different packages of test kits from a small carton.

The reporter noticed that the two kits were packaged products for 1 person from Beijing Rejing Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and packaged products for 5 people from Tianjin Boosei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

  The clerk told reporters that the price of a package for 1 person is 42 yuan, and the price of a package for 5 people is 190 yuan (equivalent to the price of 38 yuan for one person).

In the past few days, many people have come to the pharmacy to ask, but they have never been on the shelves. The kits from both companies are shipped from Hunan. The pharmacy placed the order on the afternoon of March 18, and it arrived on the evening of March 19.

"If you need to make a reservation, just let me know one day in advance, but the purchase of the new crown antigen test kit cannot currently be paid by swiping the medical insurance card." The clerk said that the stock is not much this time, and will be replenished according to the sales situation.

  At present, the State Food and Drug Administration has approved 17 new coronavirus antigen detection reagents. Recently, the reporter visited a number of chain pharmacies and learned that many offline stores in Guangzhou do not have new coronavirus antigen detection kits for sale, but some pharmacies said that they expected Available in stock or on the 20th.

Various pharmaceutical companies will distribute goods according to the number of reservations in each store. At present, there is no limit on the number of reservations. Many pharmacies have opened online reservation and purchase channels for new coronavirus antigen detection kits.

The reporter was informed that some pharmacies are preparing to sell the products of Wanfu Biological, and some are the sources of BGI.

  When a reporter asked a chain pharmacy in Yuexiu District whether the new crown antigen self-testing products had arrived, the clerk said that there was no stock on hand, but there were already dozens of registered consumers who were willing to buy, and the store was also actively stocking up. , the consumer will be notified as soon as there is news.

  A person in charge of a chain pharmacy in Guangzhou told reporters that since the new crown antigen self-test product is still in the market stage, citizens must read the instructions carefully before conducting the antigen self-test, and then conduct standardized operations.

"We are also learning the use and operation guidelines ourselves, and we also require the clerk to remind consumers at that time that after using the new crown antigen self-test product, the sampling swabs, sampling tubes, test cards, etc. should be put into sealed bags and treated as medical waste. , should not be discarded arbitrarily. If the test result is positive, it should be reported to the community in time, and further nucleic acid testing should be carried out in accordance with relevant requirements." the person in charge said.