Before 27 years have passed since the "subway sarin attack" by Aum Shinrikyo, which killed 14 people and damaged about 6,300 people, the bereaved families and others are urging the country to further prevent the weathering of the case. I submitted a request.

In the subway sarin attack by Aum Shinrikyo, which aimed at commuters indiscriminately, highly poisonous sarin was sown on three lines running in Tokyo, killing 14 people and damaging about 6,300 people.

Before 27 years from the incident on the 20th, bereaved families and lawyers visited the Ministry of Justice and submitted a request to Minister of Justice Furukawa and Secretary Wada of the Public Security Intelligence Agency.

In the request form, in order to prevent the weathering of the case, we will promote efforts such as archiving records and materials left in each ministry and establishing a museum, and compensation will be given to victims and bereaved families from the successor organization of the cult. We are seeking measures such as dealing with things that have not been done.

I also want you to make sure that the remains of former convict on death row prisoners, Shoko Asahara and Tomitsuo Matsumoto, who were executed four years ago, do not become a symbol of faith.

Shizue Takahashi, the representative caretaker of the "Subway Sarin Victims' Association" who lost her husband in the incident, said, "Understanding not only the information on the Internet but also the generation who does not know the incident by looking at the actual records. I hope you can deepen it. I want the country to proceed with the efforts before the materials are scattered. "