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Singer and musician Joyce Jonathan releases her fifth album, entitled "P'tites jolies choses", in which she tells her greatest love story: her daughter, served by refreshing pop music.

The artist tells the microphone of Europe 1 his inspirations and his return to the sources.

To compose this solar album, Joyce Jonathan explains, we had to tidy up.

Storage in his inner house.

"I think I was ready to make room for someone in my life, I was ready to make this big shift and for that I had to tidy up my inner home, I really have this image- there", explains the singer and actress at the microphone of Europe 1, on the occasion of the release of her new album,

P'tites jolies choses

, the fifth of her career.


- Patrick Sabatier with Joyce Jonathan in the show

L'invitée en questions!

A return to basics

The artist returns to his roots by releasing this album on his first label, My Major Company.

"I needed a return to basics that is linked to the themes covered in this album, the little pretty things that make us happy. It can be very simple things, the smell of morning coffee, toast … And to take the time to enjoy the moment. It's my daily vitamin C, these little pretty things connect me to the real, against the virtual things in which you can get lost quite easily", explains Joyce Jonathan .

At the center of this new chapter, the birth of her daughter, to whom she dedicates this album: "It corresponds to a slice of life, that of the last three years: the birth of my daughter, my pregnancy and the origin of this experience, the meeting with my companion."

The song

Une petite fille

embodies the spirit of Les

P'tites jolies choses

: raw emotion, without editing.

"It's really a moment of confidence, by writing this song, it's something very intimate that I needed to express", confides the artist to Europe 1.