A commemorative ceremony was held on the 18th, before the broadcast anniversary on the 22nd of this month, and the Broadcast Culture Award was presented to six people, including singer, actor, and director Akihiro Miwa.

Broadcast Anniversary is the day to commemorate the start of radio broadcasting in Japan on March 22, 1925, 97 years ago.

This year's ceremony was held without spectators at the Shibuya Public Hall in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Among them, NHK Chairman Maeda said, "The fusion of broadcasting and communication is progressing rapidly, and the broadcasting industry is entering a turbulent era. We will provide contents and services that embody the new NHK character and review all existing operations. , We will steadily implement drastic reforms in order to be reborn as a slim and strong NHK. "

Next, Mr. Watanabe, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Mr. Akabane, Chairman of the General Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, and Mr. Okubo, Chairman of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters of Japan, made congratulatory speeches.

After that, the Broadcast Culture Award was given to six people who were successful in developing the broadcasting business and improving the broadcasting culture.

The winners of this year are

▽ Aiichiro Tsutake (66), a professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University ▽ Itoyuki

Hanayagi, a dance choreographer (83)

▽ Peter Barakan, a broadcaster (70)

▽ NPO corporation Japan with disabilities Katsunori Fujii (72), the representative of the council

▽ Akemi Masuda (58), a sports journalist and professor at Osaka University of Arts

▽ Akihiro Miwa (86), a singer, actor and director.

A certificate of merit and a commemorative bronze statue were presented to each of the above people.