China News Service, Hangzhou, March 17 (Guo Qiyu) In the past 5 years, Jiang, who is in his 60s, defrauded his friends of more than 2.8 million yuan, and used most of the stolen money to reward the anchors of the K song platform. After that, he forged documents because he could not pay the money. Brother, deceived his daughter to sell the only real estate... The reporter learned from the People's Procuratorate of Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province on the 17th that the court filed a public prosecution against Jiang, and the court sentenced Jiang to 11 years in prison and a fine of 200,000 yuan.

The repayment commitment letter concocted by Jiang.

Photo courtesy of Shangcheng Procuratorate

  Because of her cheerful personality, Jiang has a wide range of friends, and she often has dinner and travel with her good friends on weekdays. However, her monthly retirement salary is only 2,000 to 3,000 yuan. In addition, she has high expenses and often cannot make ends meet.

Whenever there is no money, Jiang will borrow money from friends, and everyone will always lend her money based on trust.

Over time, Jiang owed more and more money.

  Jiang's younger brother works in the infrastructure department of a unit.

In 2014, someone asked Jiang to contact her brother to contract a project, and said that after the completion of the project, he would give a "favorable fee".

But after Jiang contacted his younger brother, he was immediately rejected by his younger brother.

  Although the match was unsuccessful, Jiang found that it was a good thing to "make money".

She used this information to tell her friends that the boss wanted to contract a project of her brother's unit. In order to thank them, the boss asked them to invest first and then rebate them as "benefits".

Taking 70,000 yuan as the investment base, you can get 100,000 yuan a year with principal and interest.

  In order to gain trust, Jiang also falsely claimed that 10% of the deposit for the project was controlled by his younger brother. If the other party did not pay, he could use the deposit to return the investment.

After hearing about it, everyone transferred money to Jiang to participate in the "investment".

  In 2017, Jiang suffered an injury to his vocal cords due to thyroid cancer surgery. The doctor suggested that singing more would help his recovery. Jiang downloaded a K-song software.

Later, she noticed a young male anchor in the live broadcast room, and began to recharge and give gifts to the anchor.

In the end, more than 2.4 million yuan was awarded to the anchor.

  In 2019, friends found that Jiang's promised repayment of principal and interest had not been received, so they demanded money from Jiang.

In order to stabilize them, Jiang forged the contractor's name and ID number, privately engraved a contractor's signature seal, and concocted a "Repayment Commitment".

  But soon the promised repayment time came again, and Jiang still hadn't paid the money back. Friends began to ask Jiang's younger brother for an explanation.

Only then did everyone know that this was a well-planned scam.

  During this period, Jiang also lied to his daughter that the investment money had been defrauded, and asked her to sell the property to repay the debt.

  After review, between 2014 and 2018, Jiang fabricated the fact that others obtained the right to contract the project through his younger brother's relationship, promising that multiple victims would get high returns on their investment, and defrauded more than 2.8 million yuan in property, a particularly huge amount, which constituted a crime of fraud.

The above judgment was made.