Anouck Garnier, edited by Nathanaël Bentura 5:38 p.m., March 17, 2022

The immobility caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in back pain among the French.

Staying too long in a sitting position is indeed bad for the lower back, which is loaded by the weight of the body.

Europe 1 reveals some tips for moving your spine well and avoiding back pain.

It's the evil of the century.

Back pain has carved out a place of choice among the most recurring health concerns of the French, especially since the appearance of the Covid.

Indeed, the first cause of back pain, apart from pathology and disease, is immobility.

So inevitably, confinements as well as teleworking have for many been devastating.

According to the latest studies on the subject, the posture when sitting does not really matter, unlike the absence of movement of the spine.

The sitting position creates stiffness in the muscles and in the tissues, and the stiffness pulls on the lower back, hence the pain. 

The solution is movement

When you have chronic pain in the back, the ideal is, of course, to consult, to know all the contraindications, but there are movement exercises that can reduce the pain.

First of all, you have to get up every hour.

Sitting longer loads the lower back.

In fact, Europe 1 recommends three tips to change your habits.

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At first, you can, for example, stand up and take a few steps around your desk when you make a call.

Otherwise, stretching every hour is a very good thing.

Then you can create a routine with positional exercises that will help you gain mobility and core strength.

Squat, downward facing dog or bridge

Among these exercises, four yoga positions can be effective.

The first is the squat, a slightly crouched position.

The second is downward facing dog, which involves standing up while keeping your hands and feet on the ground.

Then, the bridge position, for which you have to lie on your back, bring your heels closer to your buttocks;

lift and squeeze the buttocks.

Repeating the movement five times is enough.

Finally, the last position consists of getting on all fours, extending one arm and the opposite leg and alternating.

This posture is a little complicated at first, because you have to be well coordinated and balanced, but once it is mastered, it is very effective!