Attention, a scam of a new kind is currently rampant in France.

This is the bird droppings scam.

The warning was made by the Hérault Gendarmerie, on its Twitter account in early March.

#Mardiconseils Our seniors are victims of many thefts and scams, they are a target for unscrupulous offenders.

After the flight in the rear view mirror, watch out for bird droppings!

Seniors, be careful!


– Hérault Gendarmerie (@Gendarmerie_034) March 1, 2022

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Theft by diversion of attention

This technique, used by "unscrupulous offenders", according to the military publication, consists of coating a person with an odorous liquid similar to the excrement of birds.

The victim, surprised and disoriented, then tries to find the stain.

The thugs would take advantage of it at that time to steal his personal effects, including jewelry, credit cards and wallets, stealthily.

The police therefore invite the elderly, often targeted by thieves, to be vigilant.

They also recommend avoiding contact with strangers in public spaces.

In the event of an attack, it is advisable to inform the gendarmerie services as soon as possible.


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