At least six people were reported missing after a landslide in northern Peru on Tuesday.

According to initial information, the landslide affected between 60 and 80 houses, said the governor of the La Libertad region, Manuel Llempén, on the radio station RPP.

The landslide happened in the morning in the Andean village of Retamas.

Jorge Luis Escobar, a health ministry official, told Ntv that three children were among the missing.

There were initially no reports of deaths.

Several people were rescued from the mud masses by neighbors.

The residents broke through roofs and walls to get to the trapped people.

The landslide was probably triggered by heavy rainfall.

President Pedro Castillo promised help to the victims of the accident.

Defense Minister José Gavidia and the head of civil defense went to the accident region.

The inhabitants of the village of Retamas live mainly from mining.

The village is around 500 kilometers north of Lima.

Landslides are common in the Andes of Peru during the humid summers.