China News Service, Beijing, March 15 (Reporter Luo Pan) "I didn't expect Deng Lun to evade tax too!" After the tax department announced today that Deng Lun was suspected of tax evasion and was fined 106 million yuan, there was an uproar on the Internet.

  In the past, there were anchors Weiya and Sydney, and now there is Deng Lun. How did "tax evasion" become the bottom line of repeated attempts by some public figures?

  Since last year, the tax department has frequently taken action, and well-known online anchors such as Wei Ya, Sydney, and Lin Shanshan have all received huge fines.

While making a lot of money, they seem to have forgotten the concept of abiding by the law and paying taxes with integrity as a "model".

Falling into the eyes of money, only focusing on making money, not wanting to take on social responsibilities that match their income, is probably what these people are thinking about.

Deng Lun's investigation this time is also a powerful reminder: no matter how cunning he is, he cannot escape the "sightly eyes" of law enforcement.

  Take another look at Deng Lun's personal Weibo profile - "Be a good person and act seriously", which became an extremely ridiculous label at this time.

Really, follow the law first.