March 15, 2022

Jane Campion apologizes to Venus and Serena Williams

In her acceptance speech for receiving the Best Filmmaker award at the Critics Choice Awards, Jane Campion said she was "honoured" to be in the same room as Venus and Serena Williams, who came to support the film about their father,

The Williams Method


Then added: “Venus and Serena, you are wonders.

However, you don't play against guys, like I have to”.

Public outcry that forced the director to apologize for her "thoughtless comment".

“I had no intention of devaluing these two legendary black women and world-class athletes.

The thing is, the Williams sisters did, in fact, take on men on the court (and off it).

(…) The last thing I would want to do is minimize remarkable women.

I love Serena and Venus.

Their exploits are titanic and sources of inspiration.

Serena and Venus, I apologize and pay my respects,” Jane Campion explained, according to the BBC.

Cardi B celebrates her dog's birthday

Alizée cries her cat

The week started very sadly at Alizée.

The singer and dancer has indeed announced to her Instagram subscribers the death of Easy, her little Burmese cat.

“Goodbye Easy.

12 years by your side was not long enough… #jetaime”, wrote the star in the caption of several photos of the feline at different ages of his life.

The fans of the interpreter of

Me, Lolita

were quick to bring him their condolences and words of comfort.


Bob Saget's widow reveals their last conversation... Alizée and her daughter have the Covid...

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