On March 13, local time, since Cyclone Gombe made landfall in Mozambique, the strong winds and rains it brought have so far affected more than 30,000 people, damaged more than 3,000 houses and injured about 40 people.

  Mozambique's northeastern Nampula and neighboring Zambezia provinces were particularly hard hit, with winds reaching 170 kilometers per hour and torrential rains.

The province of Nampula, the most populous province in Mozambique, has now opened eight shelters.

  The head of Mozambique's National Disaster Risk Management Agency, Cesar Tempe, said that the intensity of "Gombe" was stronger than that of the severe tropical cyclone "Idai" in 2019 when it made landfall, but the intensity decreased after landfall and the damage was lower than that of "Idai".

The hurricane killed at least eight people.

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