China News Service, March 15th. According to the website of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, recently, the final evaluation of the "2021 National Top Ten Cultural Heritage Tourism Case Promotion Activities" sponsored by the Chinese Cultural Relics Society and the China Cultural Relics News Agency and co-organized by Beijing Tiantu Design Engineering Co., Ltd. will be held in Beijing.

The final evaluation committee is composed of 15 experts in the fields of cultural heritage, archaeology, tourism, museums, etc., and the "2021 National Top Ten Cultural Heritage Tourism Cases" and "2021 National Cultural Heritage Tourism Excellent Cases" were selected through comprehensive evaluation and real-name voting.

  Top ten cases

  Anji Ancient City National Archaeological Site Park Research Tour

  Anji Ancient City National Archaeological Site Park

  Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum Theme Tourism Project

  Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum

  "Former trading ships, today's cultural ark" South China Sea I theme research tourism project

  Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum

  Beijing Forbidden City Ice Cellar Service Area

  Palace Museum

  Taste the old Chengdu and travel the big three countries - Chengdu Wuhou Temple Cultural and Tourism Integration Innovation Project

  Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum

  Daming Palace Academy Archaeological Research Activities

  Daming Palace National Heritage Park Archaeological Discovery Center

  Nanjing Chinese Imperial Examination Museum Cultural and Tourism Integration Project

  Nanjing Chinese Imperial Examination Museum

  China (Hainan) South China Sea Museum Theme Tourism Project

  China (Hainan) South China Sea Museum

  Xiamen Hulishan Fortress Cultural and Tourism Integration Practice Case

  Xiamen Hulishan Fortress Protection Center

  Cross-Strait Reverence and Blessing Activities

  Shandong Greenland Spring Holding Group

 why you are here

  "Forever Three Gorges" research trip

  Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum

  Develop red tourism and stimulate the majestic power of patriotic education in the new era

  Ruijin Central Revolutionary Base Memorial Hall

  "Lost Treasures" series of tourism products

  Henan Museum

  Hunan Provincial Museum Exploration Car Project

  Hunan Provincial Museum

  Ancient villages in southern Anhui - Xidi and Hongcun world cultural heritage tourism cases

  Yixian Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Anhui Province

  Jinci National Culture Festival

  Taiyuan Jinci Museum

  Continue the historical context to build the Mindu brand - a case of cultural heritage tourism in the historical and cultural blocks of Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

  Fuzhou Ancient House Protection and Development Group Co., Ltd.

  Revitalize red resources to create red tourism landmarks

  Wuhan Revolution Museum

  Suzhou classical garden cultural heritage tourism case

  Suzhou Garden and Greening Administration

  Shaanxi History Museum tourist experience improvement case

  Shaanxi History Museum (Shaanxi Cultural Relics Exchange Center)

  Yongding Tulou: protection first, integration of culture and tourism to boost rural revitalization

  Fujian Hakka Tulou Tourism Development Co., Ltd.