After the spring rain, the morning of today (15th) was rather cold.

It is expected to get warm again soon from daytime.

Daytime highs in Seoul will rise to 13 degrees, and Gwangju will be especially warm at 21 degrees.

Since the daily temperature difference is about 20 degrees, it is good to pay attention to temperature control.

The sky will also be clear.

There was fog everywhere and some dust in the western inland until morning, but fine dust concentration will be maintained at a normal level from good in the afternoon, and there will be no rain forecast.

This is the current satellite image.

There is still a light fog in some places, but the sky itself is clear.

Your vision will be clearer in the future.

Sometimes there will be only clouds.

Daytime highs will rise to 13 degrees in Seoul, 17 degrees in Daejeon, and 18 degrees in Changwon.

From the evening of the day after tomorrow, it will start to rain again across the country and will continue through the weekend.

After the rain stops, the twinkling spring cold will lift its head.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)