March 14, 2022

Hailey Bieber is fine after being hospitalized with a blood clot in the brain

Hailey Bieber herself has given reassuring news after being hospitalized for a blood clot in the brain.

If she admits that it was “one of the scariest episodes” she has ever experienced, the model assures: “I am at home now and I am fine”.

Hailey Bieber also slips into this Instagram Story relayed by CNN her gratitude "to the incredible doctors and nurses" who took care of her.

She says that "very small blood clot" in her brain "caused a slight lack of oxygen", but her "body got rid of it on its own and I fully recovered within a few hours".

The young woman had experienced stroke symptoms Thursday, while having breakfast with her husband, Justin Bieber and was immediately taken to the hospital.

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Zoe Saldaña was encouraged to change her name early in her career

Zoe Saldaña could have had a career under a stage name.

The Avatar 2


revealed to Entertainment Weekly that in her early days, when she was filming

Dance Your Life

, her agent recommended that she change her name.

Nevertheless, she was not shocked by the advice, as she understood that it was given out of benevolence and out of habit.

"My manager at the time was a former singer and dancer, and she also changed her name when she was a teenager in the 60s. She said that's what everyone does," he said. she explains.

But Zoe Saldaña preferred to follow the advice of Steven Spielberg.

“In order for you to know where you are going, you must always know where you are coming from,” he had advised her.

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