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In the spotlight: the war spreads to western Ukraine

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Buildings bombed at the Yavoriv military base, not far from the Polish border, on March 13.


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This is one of the deadliest Russian attacks since the start of the war in Ukraine,

points out


And the most dangerously close to the borders of the European Union and NATO.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, a salvo of more than 30 missiles targeted the Yavoriv military base, in the far west of Ukraine and less than twenty kilometers from Poland.

If a party could be shot down by the anti-aircraft defenses, a dozen machines reached their target, causing at least 35 dead and 134 wounded.

Russia, for its part, claims to have


with these strikes

"up to 180 foreign mercenaries and a large quantity of foreign weapons",

without this figure being able to be verified.


No retreat!


Never had war come so close,

" sighed Les Dernieres

Nouvelles d'Alsace, "never before had the countries of the European Union felt its burning breath to such an extent

. "

“And now hovers”

a new threat: that of the extension of the conflict on the territory of NATO.

It was the great fear of border populations: that, by accident or provocation, to test the determination of Westerners, a missile comes crashing down on their soil and precipitates the world into an armed war that it does not want to wage. .

Today, this risk is no longer just theoretical.


For the Alsatian daily, there is no hesitation: "

the United States and their allies must warn - and above all convince - the Russian President that any incursion into one of the Alliance's territories will be considered an aggression and that, in accordance with Article 5, he will provoke an immediate armed response since that is the only language he understands.

By 1938, the democracies had backed down and backed down again before Hitler's provocations.

They can't make the same mistake again.


A Russia transformed into North Korea?


While Ukraine resists despite the relentlessness of the assailant, Putin's Russia stiffens and isolates itself more and more

": this is what

Le Monde observes.

Le Monde

, which considers “

the worst-case scenario – in addition to a nuclear escalation between Russia and NATO – the worst-case scenario which would be the following: a Ukraine transformed into Syria, and a Russia into North Korea.


Total repression, expeditious justice.

Future dependence, on many levels, vis-à-vis China.

Overwhelming organs of the media feeding the idea of ​​a vast Western conspiracy, of an alleged anti-Russian xenophobia.

And then, vis-à-vis the West, the Kremlin agitates the nuclear threat to recall the status of Russia and its venom.

Vladimir Putin wanted to follow in the footsteps of Peter the Great

, concludes



Here he is promised to the cousinhood of Kim Jong-un.

More war crimes.


Putin before the ICC?

Exactly, wonders

Le Parisien

: “

Will Putin answer for his actions?

The International Criminal Court has opened an investigation into possible war crimes committed in Ukraine by Russia.

The bombing of a maternity ward in Mariupol is at the heart of the debates




Le Parisien

, it is clear: attacks on hospitals, bombardments of civilians.

We are falling into a

“dirty war”.

This choice of Vladimir Putin makes him a war criminal.

Because all blows are not allowed in an armed conflict.


Comment, in

Le Parisien

, by Patrick Baudouin, criminal lawyer and honorary president of the International Federation for Human Rights: "

Vladimir Putin is the greatest war criminal of the moment: he is the authority who ordered and planned this war, and he alone.

All the difficulty would be to arrest him and transfer him from the Kremlin to The Hague, or to obtain this transfer of a new Russian power if he were overthrown, or if a country where he would go agrees to question him. — we have seen it with other heads of state, such as the Sudanese Omar el-Béchir.


Presidential campaign: a true-false debate…

Also on the front page, this funny electoral campaign in France… “

A campaign in the shadow of war

”, headlines



The Ukrainian conflict has profoundly shaken up the themes of the presidential election and limited the media presence of the candidates, to the benefit of an outgoing president more favorite than ever

", notes the newspaper.

This evening, points out


, “

the eight main candidates will parade on TF1.

But without exchanging, confronting, or even crossing, according to the wishes of Emmanuel Macron.

In short, a “

true-false debate

”, a “

campaign under duress

”, notes the liberal daily.

No candidate has considered renouncing to participate.

But this promise of

(media) visibility

does not erase the unease within the various campaign teams

” who denounce a “


-made program ” for the outgoing president.

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