• An individual attacked with a knife four municipal police officers stationed in front of the town hall this Saturday, injuring one of them before being shot dead.

  • This Monday morning, around forty civil servants did not wish to return to work immediately, citing their lack of consideration.

  • Benoît Payan, the mayor, and his security assistant came to discuss with them and promise them more resources.

After the knife attack suffered by four municipal police officers in Marseille on Saturday, seriously injuring one of them before killing the assailant, the officials report their "misunderstanding", explained Michel Choukri, union representative OF.

Supported by the emergency services, the injured official was able to leave the hospital.

They were able to be heard on Sunday as part of the investigation into self-defense, now in the hands of justice.

"All the intermediate weapons (electric pulse pistol and flash-ball) were used before firing", first specifies Michel Choukri, confident about the outcome of this investigation.

"The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the police did not see the upper hierarchy come to debrief them," continues the trade unionist.

This added to a further lack of a vehicle and stun guns when they arrived at work.

"We are used to looking at other bases, but still," summarizes Michel Choukri.

So much so that at the base of plumbers, one of the four that the Marseille municipal police have, around forty of them did not return to work on Monday morning.

In the background, the lack of "consideration of the profession"

In the wake of this spontaneous movement, Benoît Payan, the mayor of the city, went to discuss with them, accompanied by Yannick Ohanessian, security assistant and the director of services.

A visit well received by municipal officials who were able to express their concerns.

First, the lack of resources.

“We lack vehicles and stun guns.

Lighter bulletproof vests – the current ones weigh 9 kg – would also be welcome, ”he lists.

Missing material that Benoît Payan has undertaken to provide in addition to some recruitments.

There are currently 432 police officers, compared to 450 a few months ago.

“But the delays can be a bit long, the mayor warned us”, we specify on the side of the police.

In the background, it is the lack of "consideration of the profession" which is more broadly stated.

"The feeling of injustice and incomprehension of the agents resurfaces automatically after each problem".

Starting with that of their status, category C territorial civil servants. ".

That, too, of the extent of their field of action.

Established by the law of 1999, their status does not authorize them to carry out searches of vehicles, and confines them to interventions in flagrance.

Prerogatives that the municipal police would like to see expanded.

This year, 22 municipal police officers were injured in the performance of their duties, compared to 46 in 2021, according to the USPPM (Professional union of municipal police officers).

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