• Criticism The good boss: Javier Bardem, the fucking master

Javier Bardem

won this Monday the

Union of Actors and Actresses

award for Best Leading Actor in the Cinema category for the film 'The Good Boss'.

In this XXX edition of the awards of the Union of Actors and Actresses, which took place in the emblematic

Circo Price in Madrid

, the favorite films were precisely 'The good boss' and


or the series

'The paper house'


Finally, it was Bardem, the winner of the award in the Film category, who sent an emotional message to his mother on stage after receiving the award,

Pilar Bardem

, who would be celebrating her birthday today.

"Today would be your birthday and I'm not afraid to forget you," she said.

Likewise, he has highlighted how "lucky" he feels to have been able to start working since he was 18 years old and has assured that "lucky breaks are always there" and "you have to know how to wait for them" even if it is "difficult" because they will come "for the one who works".

Along with Bardem, Luis Tosar

('Maixabel') and

Javier Gutiérrez

('La hija')

were also nominated in the Film category .

On the other hand, in the same category, the actress

Petra Martínez

has won the award for the film 'La vida era eso', in which

Penélope Cruz

('Madres paralleles') and

Blanca Portillo

('Maixabel') were nominated.

The award for Best Supporting Actor in a Film went to

Fernando Albizu

for 'El Buen Patron', who was absent from the gala, and, in the same category, to Arantxa Aranguren for 'Maixabel'.

As for supporting actors and actresses in the Film category, the award went to

Óscar de la Fuente

for 'El Buen Patron' and

Sonia Almarcha

for 'El Buen Patron'.


The award for best revelation actor has been for

Tarik Rmili

for 'The good boss'.

In the same category, Almudena Amor has also been awarded for her role in the film directed by

Fernando León de Aranoa


On the other hand, the Best International Production Actress went to

Ana de Armas

for 'No time to die', who was unable to attend in person to collect the award, and the award for Best International Production Actor went to

Ginés García Millán

for 'Who killed Sara'.

Thus, the Women in Union award went to the deceased Pilar Bardem, granted by the Association for the Prevention and Care of Prostituted Women (APRAM).


On the other hand,

Guillermo Toledo

has won the Union of Actors and Actresses award for Best Supporting Actor in a Theater for 'Sock 1 (El cóndor y el puma)'.


Alba Enríquez

has won this award for Best Supporting Actress in a Theater for 'Troyanas'.

The award for Best Secondary Theater Actor went to

Jesús Noguero

for 'The bar that swallowed all the Spaniards' and, in the same category,

Alba Flores

won the award for 'Sock 2 (The storm and the war )'.


As for the Television category, the award for Best Supporting Actress on Television went to

Rosel Pujol

for 'La Cocinera de Castamar' and the award for Best Supporting Actor on Television went to

Patrick Criado

for 'Antiriot', who could not attend the ceremony.

As for Best Supporting Television Actor, the award went to

Fernando Cayo

for 'La Casa de Papel', and the Best Supporting Television Actress went to

Ana Labordeta

for 'Madres, Amor y Vida'.

Javier Cámara

has also

been awarded Best Leading Actor on Television for 'Venga Juan' and Candela Peña, in the same category, for 'Hierro'.

The awards recognize performers in film, theater and television, and in this edition they do so with respect to the works of the years 2020 and 2021 since it is a postponed gala due to the pandemic (it was scheduled for early 2021).

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