On the afternoon of the 13th, a ferry that was sailing off Makurazaki in Kagoshima Prefecture burned down and sank.

According to the Japan Coast Guard, all 15 people on board jumped into the sea and were rescued by a nearby ship, but nine people, including children, were treated for burns.

After 2:30 pm on the 13th, the captain of the ferry "Grand Line Eimamaru", which was sailing off Makurazaki in Kagoshima Prefecture, contacted the 10th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters that "a fire broke out and we could not sail". was.

When the Japan Coast Guard headed for rescue by sending out patrol boats and helicopters, black smoke and flames rising from the hull were confirmed at the scene.

According to the Kagoshima Coast Guard, there were a total of 15 people on board this ferry, including 14 passengers and one captain, all of whom jumped into the sea after the fire broke out.

Fifteen people were rescued by a nearby ship and arrived at Makurazaki Port in Makurazaki City after 4 pm.

Nine of the fifteen, including teenagers, were taken to the hospital because of burns and abrasions, but according to the Makurazaki City Fire Department, they were all well-conscious and had no life-threatening consequences, and all walked. It means that you can do it.

It was transported ▽ 4 people in their 60s ▽ 1 person in their 40s ▽ 3 people in their 30s ▽ 1 person in their teens.

After that, the ferry sank and the cause of the fire was unknown, and the Japan Coast Guard is investigating the detailed situation.

The ferry sank in the sea area about 12 km southwest of the port of Pillowzaki, and the ship was on the way back to the port of Pillowzaki with a fisherman on the remote island of Kuroshima.

15 rescue men

According to a man who rushed to the scene by ship after being contacted by the captain of the ferry, the ferry was burning violently, and the passengers and captain were floating in the sea wearing life jackets.

When I pulled it up to the ship, some people were slightly burned and some people complained of symptoms such as hypothermia and looked tired.

The men carried all 15 people to the port of Pillowzaki, and the passengers seemed relieved to see the rescuers waiting at the port.