In Hokkaido, it was confirmed on the 13th that 1441 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus, and three people were announced dead.

Infection was confirmed in 697 people including 7 people who were re-positive in Sapporo City, 141 people in Ishikari region, 109 people in Iburi region, 99 people in Tokachi region, 90 people in Asahikawa city, 88 people in Hakodate city. 59 in Kamikawa, 47 in Kushiro, 28 in Otaru, 25 in Sorachi, 18 in Watashima, 12 in Shiribeshi, 6 in Rume and Nemuro, 5 in Okhotsk. There are 1441 people in total, including 4 people in the Hidaka region, 1 person in the Hiyama region, and 3 people outside Hokkaido who announced that the road was "other".

Michi also announced that a man in his 70s and a woman in his 90s had died among those confirmed to have been infected, and Sapporo City also announced the death of a man in his 80s.

As a result, the total number of infected people in Hokkaido is 195,052, including the total of 107,193 in Sapporo, and the number of people who have died is 1,863.