• TF1 broadcasts the special

    Return to Hogwarts on

    Friday evening .

  • Many fans of the Harry Potter universe are now parents and are thinking about how to pass on the passion to their children.

  • 20 Minutes interviewed several of them to discuss their pedagogy in the light of their "houses" of Hogwarts.

Tears, declarations of love, memories, good feelings… And some crisp anecdotes.

The Return to Hogwarts

reunion of former students

is broadcast on Friday evening on TF1.

We find there the actresses and main and secondary actors of the Harry Potter saga, starting with the cult trio formed by Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

Hermione, Harry and Ron have naturally taken a blow of old, twelve years after the end of the shooting of the eighth and last part of their cinematographic adventures.

But those who will perhaps have the biggest blow of saudade, it is surely the fans.

20 Minutes

interviewed several of the hundreds who responded to our call for contributions when the documentary on Salto was broadcast in January.

Especially the “old” fans.

In short: the darons.

A comforter for adults

Anne-Sophie is the mother of three children, from 4 to 10 years old.

She defines herself as “a hardcore Harry Potter fan”.

She rereads all seven books once a year and "prefers not to count" the number of times she rewatches the films.

“I didn't want to watch the documentary because I was afraid it would upset me too much.

At just 40 years old, Anne-Sophie uses, like many fans of her generation, Harry Potter as a comforting cuddly toy.

“The films are at the same time funny, scary, dynamic, touching, complex and marvellous, tries to sum up Fanny, mother of eight-year-old twins.

Whenever I go back to it, it's always when I feel a little sad or depressed, or for life events, birthdays or holidays like Christmas.

When I watch films, I revert to childhood in the sense that I rediscover strong and pure emotions that I had as a child.

The fear, the joy, the wonder of magic…”

The H-culture

Thibaut, father of two boys aged 7 and 4, has the same symptoms.

Fan, and compulsive collector, of the Harry Potter universe, he often gets angry with his wife about it.

“She likes movies but doesn't understand my need to see them very often.

She makes fun of me about my devouring passion but with the arrival of the children, we had real shouting matches because of that…”

And yes, what kind of parents are adult Harry Potter fans?

If Thibaut wants these children to discover Harry Potter at all costs, he does not necessarily want to make fans of them.

“It's my thing, my generation.

If they don't like it, it doesn't matter.

But that's general knowledge in my opinion.

You have to know, it's unavoidable.


Accompany the discovery

Most of the fans interviewed are on the same line.

But their opinion differs on the dose of Harry Potter to administer to their offspring.

Already, they are divided more or less evenly on one question: Should we start by reading the books?

Adèle, mother of a 5-year-old girl, is on this line: “I read the first book with her.

I would like her to read the second part on her own, when she can read, of course.


Other fans don't have the patience to wait for their children to be able to read before plunging them into the magic bath.

“I'm afraid that my son will spoil the plot at school, explains Noémie.

I want him to discover the end, the twists, to have this surprise.

His father shows him Star Wars for the same reason.


Rigorous Ravenclaws or upstart Slytherins?

Other dilemmas divide fans.

Show the latest films before the recommended age or not?

Push to read even if the child does not hang on or not?

To lend him the toys of collections a little expensive or not?

Behind this kind of choice are families of fans, even “houses”.

Without wanting to caricature (but still a little), Ravenclaw-type fans have an orthodox approach: we read ALL the books before seeing the films, we complete the discovery with the reading of an encyclopedia on the extended universe of wizards... The few fans who claim to be Slytherin have a more distanced approach.

“Knowing and loving Harry Potter is a weapon to face adulthood, believes Thibaut.

I want to give them that.

But after that, it's their life..."

The legacy of passion

Dumbledore's army, Gryffindor fans, tries to initiate their children into devotion by immersing them cheerfully in the universe.

Adèle dressed her daughter in red and yellow for her return to first grade.

Fanny has decorated her family's bedroom in the colors of her favorite house: "I even thought of giving them a nice snowy owl, but it wasn't possible..."

As often, Hufflepuffs are the most level-headed and wise.

"I want my children to make their own memories, to experience their own emotions," explains Anne-Sophie.

But I'm part of their life, and Harry Potter is part of my life.

And the child that I was also participates in their education.

I would like this passion to bring us all together, my child self, my adult self and them.

But if in the end they prefer


, I'm not going to disinherit them..."

Movie theater

“Harry Potter”: Are you going to see (again) the films of the Salto saga?

Are you never tired?


"Fantastic universes allow political education and thinking about life in society", explains Anne Besson

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