[Explanation] On March 9, Shanghai held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control, reporting 4 new local confirmed cases and 15 asymptomatic infections.

Except for one of the above-mentioned 19 people who sought medical treatment due to symptoms, the rest were found in centralized isolation control or screening of risk groups, and they have been closed-loop transferred to the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for isolation treatment or isolation medical observation. The current situation is stable.

  [Concurrent] Wu Jinglei, director of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission

  According to the relevant requirements of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, and after the study and decision of the Shanghai Leading Group Office for New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control, No. 281, Changdao Road, Hudong Xincun Street, Pudong New Area, is listed as a medium-risk area, and the risk level of other areas in Shanghai remains unchanged.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the recent investigation of the epidemic in Shanghai has involved some schools.

In response, Yang Zhenfeng, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, responded that teachers have been arranged to do a good job in online education and teaching, and to strengthen the care for students who cannot come to school.

  [Concurrent] Yang Zhenfeng, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

  For primary and secondary schools that have been closed for management due to the epidemic, the school cooperates with the disease control department to conduct timely epidemiological investigations, organizes teachers, students and employees to carry out nucleic acid testing, and implements various prevention and control requirements and measures.

At the same time, for these primary and secondary schools that have been closed due to the epidemic, online education has been fully launched.

For students who are in centralized or home isolation and health observation, the school will increase its care and care, and carry out online education in accordance with the principle of classified policies.

  [Explanation] Yang Zhenfeng also said that the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has further optimized and upgraded the "air classroom" resources, which can be watched and on-demand by all students.

  [Concurrent] Yang Zhenfeng, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission

  At present, "Air Classroom 1.0" has completed more than 11,300 video lessons, and "Air Classroom 2.0" (face-to-face with famous teachers) has completed nearly 200 video lessons.

As a useful supplement to offline teaching and an important scenario for online teaching, "Air Classroom" has become an important application carrier for schools to improve teaching quality and effectiveness.

  [Explanation] Yang Zhenfeng said that the latest education and teaching arrangements will be released in a timely manner in accordance with Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control requirements.

Students and parents are requested to continue to strengthen self-protection, adhere to the "three-piece epidemic prevention", and keep in mind the "five requirements for protection".

  Reporter Xu Yinkang Yuzhan reported from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]