• Couples of yesterday and today united by the hair (and the curious case of Brad Pitt with all his girlfriends)



like 'Something About Mary' made Cameron Diaz one of the great


stars of the 90s, a few years that are now far away;

Her last big role was the adaptation of 'Annie', in 2014, and since then the actress has lived completely outside the


, on a voluntary break that has allowed her to focus on her family and her wine brand,


, organic , sustainable and created with grapes of


origin .

Now about to turn 50, she has just come out of retirement to reappear on '

Michelle Visage's Rule Breakers , a



, where she has opened up about what she thinks of fame, success and the rules of


that he had to live and whom he considers "a trap" and a place full of misogyny.

"It is clear that I did not do everything that could be done," says the actress, referring to the

#MeToo movement.

"During the '90s and 2000s there was still a lot, a lot of misogyny. That level of exploitation of powers was something that was found throughout the



In this sense,

Cameron Diaz

claims to have felt "a


of all the objectification and social exploitation to which women are subjected."

She and even she says that she herself has also turned that wheel at some point: "It's hard not to look at yourself and judge yourself by comparing yourself to other standards of



The media


that her profession entails ended up becoming "


", confesses the actress, delighted to have broken the vicious circle that implies being always young and with a


image .

That's why he doesn't miss


or everything that industry implies.

During this time away from the cinema, the actress claims to have freed herself from


and accepted herself as she is.

"You wonder, why am I sitting here being so mean to myself? My


is strong, it's capable. Why am I going to talk bad to it? Why am I going to treat it bad when it's gotten me this far?" the actress explains. .

And this reflection has led her to search for

real beauty

and commit herself to this cause.

In the last eight years, he says he has been "like a


animal. I'm like a wild animal, like a


!", without worrying or giving any importance to his appearance: "Literally, it's the last thing I think about in my day to day ".

So much so that she claims to do nothing to take care of herself or follow any


routine ;

all their "millions of products" are abandoned on the shelf.

"I don't spend any time on my


. I never do anything, I don't even wash my face. I think about it at most twice a month, hopefully. 'I should wear this. Once is enough, right?' I'm not in a moment right now where I put any energy into it," the actress explains.

Her beauty is as


as herself.

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