Hyperthermia for weight loss is scientifically certified, and "beige fat" attracts heated discussions among netizens

Warm baby, hot spring, sauna... Can you lose weight?

  Chinese scientists have discovered a new weight loss therapy, and hyperthermia weight loss has been scientifically certified!

Recently, a scientific research team from East China Normal University found that beige fat can activate heat production through local hyperthermia. The top international journal "Cell" published this result online.

As soon as the news came out, netizens also became "dry": hot springs and saunas were arranged!

In this regard, nutrition experts said that there is still a long way to go from theoretical research to the development of successful treatment methods. If you want to lose weight, it is more efficient to "shut your mouth and open your legs"!

  What is "beige fat"?

  In the topic of #Chinese scientists discover new treatment for weight loss#, the word beige fat is very conspicuous.

  Chief physician Jin Hui, director of the clinical nutrition department of Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, told the Yangtze Evening News reporter that there is more than one color of fat.

The familiar white fat that accumulates under the skin, is responsible for storing excess energy, and also forms unsightly fat.

Brown fat, despite its name, acts more like muscle.

Brown fat contains a large number of mitochondria and rich capillaries, so it appears tan.

Not only does it not store calories, but it is also responsible for breaking down white fat that causes obesity. A small piece of brown fat can burn a lot of calories and is a veritable "good fat".

  Under certain conditions, white fat can be converted into brown fat, while beige fat is an "intermediate state" between the two fats, which is equivalent to a "reserve team". It usually stores energy together with white fat. Under certain conditions, it can be Activated to brown fat, promoting thermogenesis and energy expenditure.

  Sauna and hot yoga are not equal to local hyperthermia

  As for netizens excitedly expressing that they should arrange warm baby, sweat steaming, high-temperature yoga and even hot water bags, Chief Physician Jin Hui reminded that there is a difference between whole-body hyperthermia and local hyperthermia. Hot yoga, etc., you may feel relaxed every time you do it, and your weight will drop immediately. In fact, more water is lost.

Local hyperthermia needs to be "treated", how long, and how "hot". There is no definite data yet. "A study was completed in animal experiments and confirmed in cytological theory. In fact, it is still far from clinical application. far away."

  Chief Physician Jin Hui said that it can be expected that local hyperthermia will be better used in patients with morbid obesity in the future, and the general population to lose weight, "shut your mouth and stretch your legs" can actually be effective.

  "For the general population, instead of relying on white and beige fat to convert into brown fat, it is better to deal with white fat directly." Chief Physician Jin Hui said, keep your mouth shut, reduce intake, and prevent fat from being in the source. Accumulation in the body, at the same time, stretch your legs and move, consume white fat, and also promote the burning of brown fat, so that the body's calorie balance is in a state of "making ends meet", and the weight will naturally be reduced.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Yang Yan