Haruo Ozaki, chairman of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association, said, "There is a possibility that the infection may spread again due to more opportunities to eat and drink during spring break and at the end of the year," and called for continued thorough infection control measures.

In Tokyo, it was announced on the 8th that it was confirmed that 8925 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus, and the number fell below 10,000 for 3 consecutive days.

On the 8th, a regular press conference of the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association was held in Tokyo, and Chairman Ozaki said, "I think the peak has passed, but it is rapidly increasing and decreasing as originally expected. We need to keep an eye on the progress this week. "

On the other hand, he showed a sense of crisis about the virus of "BA.2" strain, which is one of the Omicron strains of the new corona. We called for thorough infection control measures such as masks, hand washing, and ventilation.

In addition, he said, "We cannot continue to take priority measures such as prevention of spread. It is necessary to pick up asymptomatic people and expand their economic activities." I showed the idea that it was necessary.