Since the first two articles published in 2021, Mediapart has collected testimonies from women who "accused" Eric Zemmour of "inappropriate behavior and sexual assault".

Some speak in front of the camera in a 36-minute video investigation broadcast on Tuesday.

Having become an engineer, Claire recounts a brief internship, at age 18, at

Le Figaro

in 2002. Called to help the editorialist with a computer problem, "I feel his hand on my back going back and forth from bottom to top", says- she.

Pascale Sauvage, a former colleague of Eric Zemmour at

Le Figaro

, reports having spoken to the former journalist about it.

"I told him, you don't touch the intern".

“He said to me: 'If now we can no longer flirt with trainees. Trainees are all the same made for making pipes and coffee.'

He told me that, I'm sure, ”she says.

“Blocked against the wall of the elevator and forcefully kissed on the mouth”

Another former intern, Séverine, accused her, in 1999, of "very raw proposals for sexual relations" and of having "blocked her against the wall of the elevator and forcibly kissed her on the mouth".

Among the other testimonies, Gaëlle Lenfant, former head of women's rights for the Socialist Party (PS) also accuses the former columnist of having "kissed her by force" during a PS summer school in La Rochelle at the beginning of the 2000s.

She spoke on April 24, 2021 on Facebook about it.

"I found myself so flabbergasted that I could do nothing but push him away and run away," said Gaëlle Lenfant, then a "young activist" socialist.

No complaints have been announced

On December 9, 2021 on France 2, questioned on the previous articles of Mediapart, Eric Zemmour had estimated that he “not” had “to answer.

I'm not talking about my private life, these women accuse me, without any proof, it's word against word.

This time, the presidential candidate did not wish to comment to Mediapart.

Those around him considered it "shabby" that Mediapart "recycles" testimonies from women who accuse him of "inappropriate behavior and sexual assault" when he was a journalist, for which no complaint has been announced. "Mediapart wants to make a hit on women's (rights) day by recycling testimonies already released last year.

Shabby five weeks before the first round, ”reacted the entourage of the far-right presidential candidate.


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