The plaintiff's hearing-impaired couple said, "I" I feel angry because they don't understand our suffering, "he criticized the country's response.

In a trial in which three people living in Kansai sued the country for being forced to undergo sterilization based on the former Yusei Protection Law in the 1965s, the second-instance Osaka High Court handed down the first decision last month to order compensation from the country. I did.

Dissatisfied with this ruling, the government appealed to the Supreme Court on the 7th, and on the 8th, a husband in his 80s and a wife in their 70s, both of whom are hearing-impaired, met in Osaka city and signed language. He criticized the country's response through an interpreter.

In this, the husband in his 80s said, "I'm angry because I don't understand our suffering," and my wife in her 70s said, "I'm not convinced. I still want a child. I really don't regret it. "

In addition, the judgment of the second trial found that the amount of compensation for the two plaintiff women who were forced to undergo sterilization was 13 million yen per person, and it will be paid based on the relief law enacted three years ago. It greatly exceeded the lump sum of 3.2 million yen.

Regarding the statement by Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Goto that he would like to fulfill his responsibilities with this lump sum payment, his wife in her 70s said, "The life of having and raising children cannot be solved by the lump sum payment alone." A husband in his 80s also criticized that "the fact that the country is trying to end this problem without apologizing is itself discrimination against persons with disabilities."