[Live sound] Hong Kong Changheng Community Hall New Crown Vaccination Site

  (Turn your head to look at me is great) (Don’t move is great and brave) (It doesn’t hurt, right) (It’s great you)

  [Commentary] On March 6, in the new crown vaccination area of ​​Chang Hang Community Hall in Kwai Tsing District, Hong Kong, medical staff were vaccinating local children against the new crown. In order to calm the nervousness of the children, the staff also prepared candy to distribute to Vaccinated children.

  [Explanation] The reporter saw at the scene that more than 1,000 elementary school and kindergarten students were vaccinated under the leadership of their parents, and the scene was orderly.

Mr. Liang, a citizen, brought his daughter who was studying in kindergarten to be vaccinated against the new crown. In an interview with a reporter from China News Agency, Mr. Liang said that many parents around him have been taking their children to be vaccinated. For the health of their daughters, they specially brought their daughters to be vaccinated against the new crown. .

  [Concurrent] Mr. Liang, a Hong Kong citizen

  The trend of injections is increasing day by day. We are afraid that children will have an accident, so everyone must prepare for vaccination (vaccination).

  [Concurrent] Mr. Liang's daughter

  (I am not afraid) I am not afraid, (vaccination) can protect myself!

  [Explanation] Wen Ting, the nurse in charge of the vaccination at the scene, told reporters that there are many things to pay attention to when children are vaccinated, and the most important thing is to take care of the children's emotions.

  【Concurrent】Vaccination nurse Wen Ting

  In fact, it is easier for children to give injections, but it may be necessary to take care of the children's emotions and sometimes the children will move around when they are afraid, so at this time, parents need to help the children.

  [Explanation] It is reported that the "Kwai Tsing District Children's Kexing Vaccination Day" is the second local vaccination event to vaccinate a total of about 1,200 students from 24 primary schools and kindergartens in Tsing Yi.

The organizer of the event, Hong Kong Kwai Tsing Home Affairs Commissioner Zheng Jian told reporters that in response to the severe fifth wave of the epidemic, many young children were infected, and many parents in the district were quite worried and hoped to vaccinate their children as soon as possible, so this vaccination campaign was held. .

  [Concurrent] Convenor of the event, Hong Kong Kwai Tsing Home Affairs Commissioner Zheng Jian

  Today we make persistent efforts to continue to inoculate (new crown vaccine) for our primary school students and some (kindergarten) students here in Tsing Yi, and the response from (citizens) is very good. After we launched, nearly 1,200 primary school students and (kindergarten) students signed up and came to Vaccination (coronavirus vaccine) here.

Our expected effect is to hope to race against time and the spread of the virus, and hope that more and more children will be vaccinated as soon as possible and protected by vaccines as soon as possible.

  Reporter Liang Yuan Hong Kong reports

Responsible editor: [Ye Pan]