In Hokkaido, it was announced on the 7th that 1106 new people were infected with the new coronavirus and 6 people were confirmed dead.

Infection was confirmed in

531 people including 4 people who were re-positive in Sapporo City,

86 people in

Iburi region, 83 people in Asahikawa city,

79 people in Tokachi region

, 75 people in Ishikari region.

▽ 44 people each in Hakodate and Kushiro,

▽ 36 in Otaru,

▽ 30 in Shiribeshi, ▽

22 in Watashima,

▽ 18 in Kamikawa,

▽ 15 in Nemuro,

▽ in Okhotsk 12 people,

▽ 10 people in Sorachi region,

▽ 9 people in Hidaka region,

▽ 7 people in Nemuro region,

▽ 1 person in Kushiro region,


▽ including 2 people outside Hokkaido who announced "Other" There are a total of 1106 people, including 4 people.

In addition, among the people who have been confirmed to be infected so far, Sapporo City has four women in their 80s and 90s, one whose age and gender are not disclosed, and one man in their 80s on the road, for a total of six people. Announced the death of.

As a result, the total number of infected people in Hokkaido is 184,928, including 102,449 in Sapporo, and the number of people who have died is 18,20.