[Live sound] Hello everyone, today I will teach you a delicacy that we must eat in the Tibetan New Year, called fern.

This is usually eaten during the grand festivals of the Chinese New Year. I will teach you how to do it below.

  [Commentary] The Tibetan girl greeting in the picture is called Shengning Zhuoma. She is recording the production process of Fern Ma dim sum at her home in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Shengning Zhuoma is from Rangtang County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province.

In 2019, Shengning Dolma, who has studied cooking and pastry making, began to share Tibetan food production online. Now she has shared more than 100 kinds of food on the short video platform, attracting nearly 400,000 fans.

  [Concurrent] Food blogger Shengning Zhuoma

  My name is Shengning Zhuoma, I am a food blogger, and my main job now is to shoot (food) tutorials and short videos.

Recently, my job is to shoot short videos, some delicacies related to the Tibetan New Year, such as Gutu, Kasai, Fern Ma, I want to show you (Tibetan food) by shooting these short videos.

Many people think that what we Tibetans usually eat during the Chinese New Year and festivals is just plain food.

  [Commentary] In his free time, Shengning Zhuoma will learn how to cook different foods.

While studying the different practices of highland ingredients, she developed new highland food such as highland barley yogurt cups, tsampa mooncakes, and ginseng fruit shortcakes.

  [Concurrent] Food blogger Shengning Zhuoma

  Because of some of our traditional (food), such as the traditional way of eating tsampa, many young people, including children, are reluctant to eat.

So I think these should be changed, including its shape, as well as the taste (also), so that more people will accept it.

  [Explanation] Since November 2021, Shengning Zhuoma has begun to recruit students online, and more than 1,000 students have been recruited in just one month.

Through online training and selling cooking tutorials, Shengning Zhuoma has successfully embarked on his own entrepreneurial path.

  [Concurrent] Food blogger Shengning Zhuoma

  I now have more than 2,000 students, most of them are Tibetan, so I usually speak in Tibetan.

Some of the people who come to me to study are students. They just want to learn more skills so that they can find jobs in the future.

Most of them are housewives. They just want to improve their previous single eating habits. Everyone wants to eat healthier and richer, and now their living conditions are better.

  [Commentary] In addition to recording the production of Tibetan food with video, Shengning Zhuoma is also trying to write Tibetan food books.

Shengning Zhuoma revealed that according to the current progress, the Tibetan version of the food book written by himself is expected to be completed within this year.

  [Concurrent] Food blogger Shengning Zhuoma

  I am writing this Tibetan version of the food tutorial because I found out in the process of my own learning that the Tibetan version of the food tutorial is relatively small, but the demand is relatively large.

I'm going to turn my recorded tutorial into a QR code, and then put it on the book, combining text and video, so that it is more convenient for everyone to learn and understand.

I plan to make more innovations on the basis of Tibetan food in the future. I hope everyone knows about Tibetan food and likes it.

  Chen Xuanbin reports from Chengdu

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]