Their arrest took place without any communication from the investigators in mid-December.

Two brothers had been indicted and imprisoned for "complicity in murder".

The judicial police suspect them of having played a role in the death of a 29-year-old man, whose lifeless body was found on December 10, 2021 at the Apigné ponds, in Rennes.

The corpse of this Kurd had been weighted down with a breeze block before being thrown into the water at this well-known promenade in Rennes.

Muhyettin Aydin's body showed "many lesions in different places".

The autopsy had revealed "a hundred lesions that may have been caused by a stab, some of which transfixing having been fatal", according to the Rennes prosecutor's office.

“Two brothers, born in 1985 in Turkey for one and in 2001 in Rennes for the other, were indicted for complicity in murder and imprisoned in mid-December”, indicates the public prosecutor of Rennes Philippe Astruc, confirming information from the


newspaper .

In September, the Rennes prosecutor's office had opened a judicial investigation for murder.

According to Ouest-France, the two suspects are the brothers of a man residing in Rennes who had left the city hastily with his family to join Turkey a few days after the murder.

The body had not been found.

The investigations had shown that the victim of Turkish nationality was 29 years old and lived in the North.

Muhyettin Aydin's vehicle was found abandoned near the pond.


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