China News Agency, Hefei, March 6th: The Millennium Wuqinxi is sought after by "Generation Z" and the Chinese version of "Animal Flow" is revitalized

  Author Zhang Qiang Chu Weiwei

  "In recent years, Huatuo Wuqinxi has attracted a large number of young people through the Internet, entering the campus, and 'going out', etc., and has attracted a large number of young people, especially the 'Generation Z' at home and abroad." China's national intangible cultural heritage Huatuo Wuqinxi Hua Yi, the 59th generation inheritor, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency recently.

Up to now, Huatuo Wuqinxi has been viewed more than 200 million times on the Internet. Through background data analysis, most of them are young people.

  Huatuo Wuqinxi is an ancient Daoyin health-preserving technique inherited from the Eastern Han Dynasty medical scientist Hua Tuo. According to the law of yin and yang, five elements, viscera, meridians, and qi and blood in traditional Chinese medicine, it observes the movements of animals and uses images of animals such as tigers, deer, apes, bears, and birds. , A set of health and fitness exercises created by movements.

  Hua Yi introduced that the five movements of Hua Tuo Wu Qin Xi have their own characteristics and emphasis.

There is a popular fitness system in foreign countries, Animal Flow, which is exactly the same as Huatuo Wuqinxi, which has a history of more than 1,800 years.

  In order to make Huatuo Wuqinxi better "going out", Huayi often participates in some international activities, and now she has traveled to more than 20 countries and regions.

"Every time I go out to perform, many foreigners come to discuss with me. Huatuo Wuqin Opera focuses on practicing Qi, and foreigners are very interested in it."

  "I am also a traditional culture tutor at Tsinghua University, mainly teaching foreign students to practice Huatuo Wuqinxi." Hua Yi said that when they first came into contact with Huatuo Wuqinxi, they were surprised that there is a way of health preservation in China that is older than Tai Chi. Love it after practice.

  Xie Youcheng, a Thai student who has studied in China for many years, said: "Practicing Huatuo Wuqinxi is good for the body, and Huatuo Wuqinxi is related to traditional Chinese medicine. It makes me feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture. Fun. I'll definitely let my family and friends practice together when I get back."

  Hua Yi believes that there are more and more foreigners, especially young people, who like the traditional Chinese medicine culture and begin to practice traditional Chinese Kungfu such as Huatuo Wuqinxi, Taiji, Baduanjin, etc., which shows the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

"So it is the responsibility of our contemporary youth to inherit Huatuo Wuqin Opera, and we must innovate and develop in the protection and inheritance."

  In order to make Huatuo Wuqinxi advance with the times and enter the lives of young people, Huayi combined it with the Internet, dance dramas, animation, health care, etc., and brought Huatuo Wuqinxi to more than ten universities in China, receiving several Thousands of "Generation Z" college students are sought after.

  Hua Yi said: "Many young people like 'punk health care', stay up late while soaking wolfberry in a thermos cup, and suffer from sub-health problems such as hair loss. Tuo Wuqinxi has become an 'exercise prescription', and we will give a different action plan for each person's situation. In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine health products we have developed have also become popular."

  Zhao Lingling (pseudonym), an Anhui girl studying in the UK, is also a fan of Hua Tuo's Five Animals Opera.

She told reporters: "Since I was a child, my immune system was weak and I was prone to get sick. After drinking Chinese medicine for two years, my body felt much better, so I fell in love with Chinese medicine culture and learned Huatuo Wuqinxi at school."

  Zhao Lingling said that the traditional Chinese medicine culture has a certain reputation overseas, but it still needs efforts to be recognized by foreigners.

"I'm going to perform Hua Tuo's Five Animals Opera in the interest class, so that overseas friends can also experience the mysteries of traditional Chinese medicine."

  It is understood that the birthplace of Huatuo Wuqinxi, Bozhou City, Anhui Province, has a long history of traditional Chinese medicine culture.