Why are women so wonderful?

Can you ask how


does it, with which she also provides a template (of herself) for a woman understander who is convinced like Wolfgang Kubicki.

"Women are like water: soft, supple and able to remove a mountain!", whispers Kubicki and invites speculation as to how men are then: hard, scratchy and in case of doubt even the mountain that needs to be removed?

TV talker Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, on the other hand, replies: "Because women don't define themselves by their function but by their person and because they tend to become anarchic in old age, men become pregnant with meaning." Interestingly formulated, even if a little pregnant with meaning.

Jorg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

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does not talk about water, but about wine

with Thomas Gottschalk, who says that he sometimes "needs to drink my company nice".

For example: “I was at a dinner in LA once and sat next to Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, all night.

For hours he just talked about the moon.


I drank more than I should have.” We can well imagine how poor Gottschalk keeps trying to steer the conversation to “Supernasen” or Led Zeppelin, but Aldrin only replies: “Stairway to Heaven?

The moon is up there in the sky.

I happened to be .


.” Gottschalk would probably have to drink the pope in a similar way, who would always talk about God, but fortunately certainly has delicious sacrament wine ready.

That thing in the fridge

Ruth Moschner will soon be presenting a new cooking show called "Open the fridge!", as

the woman's week

knows: "Who conjures up the greatest meals from the refrigerators of other people's households?" something else can be conjured up from the opened milk carton with a sell-by date that has expired weeks ago or from the thing at the back in aluminum foil that nobody dares to look up what it could have been.

No refrigerators, but our hearts open

Neue Post

with her play about the Oscar of Sweden: "How the Grumpy Little Prince Learned to Laugh".

Even as a baby, we read, "Oscar was grumpy at the world in front of him," but one day his big sister Estelle decided to change that, "pinched his cheeks, stuck his tongue out, tickled him." “.

Result: "First the corners of his mouth slowly lifted, then his dark eyes narrowed into funny crescents, and finally a funny chuckle came out of his mouth.

The grumpy rascal had just learned one of the most important things in life.

The laugh!

That was two years ago.” Really sweet.

Let's hope that the now six-year-old Oscar doesn't forget how to smile in the face of the world in front of him.

Guido Maria Kretschmer is by no means always cheerful, who, according to

the week of the woman

, confirmed in a


interview that he was "a hard-working ferret by nature".

"But then, of course, you quickly find yourself stuck in a tunnel." That's what life as a ferret is all about;

as a busy bee, on the other hand, you are quickly stuck in a basket.

Unsuccessful at eleven


considers the 17-year-old Beckham scion Cruz to be rather lazy

: "He describes himself as a musician - but so far hasn't done anything except a charity single at the age of eleven." Our eleven-year-old hasn't even had a charity single yet managed, we'll have to give them a little push.

Musician, but also presenter, is Andy Borg, and, as experience has shown, that's what the headline in the

Golden Leaf

could refer to: "His amazing double life".

But it's something else: Unlike on stage, Borg doesn't wear suits at home.

"'I like to put on jogging pants, they're so comfortable,'" reveals the Bavarian-by-choice with a grin." The smiling Bavarian-by-choice may also sometimes wear leather or swimming trunks, which would then be life numbers three and four.

Simone Thomalla tells


: "I don't necessarily have to rush into the next relationship now, unless Mr. Right is in front of me tomorrow.

But then please first outpatient and not so quickly inpatient.” Interesting approach to describe his love life in hospital metaphors.

Would the highest of all feelings then be the intensive care unit?

In addition, as


reports, the new bachelor moved in the program of the same name: "During a group date, Dominik lay in a coffin and pretended to be dead – the girls should then say their last words to him." Participant Christina N. presented "Then it was clear that it was her 'worst date ever'."

A somewhat harsh verdict: at least the guy didn't talk nonsense that way.