(Characters of the Two Sessions) Sheng Xiaoyun, Vice Chairman of the China Music Association: "Breaking the situation" of traditional folk art must "break the circle"

  China News Service, Beijing, March 6th: Sheng Xiaoyun, Vice Chairman of the China Music Association: "Breaking the game" of traditional folk art must "break the circle"

  China News Agency reporter Zhong Sheng

  "Qiu Hong's folded singles are difficult to double, maddened, resentful, maddened..." At the beginning of this year, a traditional song called "Goddess Splitting Views" became popular at home and abroad.

This aria from the game not only aroused countless foreign players' pursuit of traditional Chinese folk art, but also made Sheng Xiaoyun, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Chinese Folk Artists Association, sigh that traditional folk art still has the powerful charm of "breaking the circle" fans. .

  Sheng Xiaoyun was born in a family of Pingtan in Suzhou.

Facing the wall for ten years has broken the wall. The inheritance and development of Suzhou Pingtan, a representative genre of traditional folk art, has always been an issue that Sheng Xiaoyun devoted a lot of effort to.

In her opinion, the "breaking" of traditional quyi must first "break the circle".

  In people's impression, the audience of traditional quyi is often the elderly.

According to Sheng Xiaoyun, with the revival of traditional culture in recent years, Pingtan has frequently appeared in various film and television works, and "listening to Pingtan in Suzhou" has gradually become a fashion for young people.

At the same time, Sheng Xiaoyun and others are also actively targeting the preferences of young people and tailor-made new Pingtan for them.

"Our Pingtan "Thunderstorm" toured to nearly 100 schools before, and the feedback was very good. My student Yuan Jiaying is the Suzhou Pingtan School who applied for the exam after listening to "Thunderstorm"." In this way, Pingtan and the audience "run in both directions" and work together hand in hand Rejuvenation.

  In Sheng Xiaoyun's view, although traditional art has financial support from the government, being "raised" is not the way out.

"Traditional art should have its own hematopoietic mechanism. We should make traditional folk art a cultural product and enter the market to support ourselves."

  Not long ago, Sheng Xiaoyun cooperated with a rock band to complete the work "Revisiting the West Lake".

Once launched on the music platform, it received tens of millions of hits in less than a week.

At this year's Lantern Festival Opera Gala, Sheng Xiaoyun's student Yuan Jiaying and Northwest folk singers sang the new Yuefu "Saibei Jiangnan" together, which was also widely acclaimed.

  Sheng Xiaoyun believes that this is a successful attempt to break down the barriers between different art forms, "For a large number of young listeners who like pop music and folk songs, if he thinks Pingtan is good, he will want to explore it, even if only 1% of people like it. In the case of Pingtan, this is also a very large number of people.”

  Some people think that Sheng Xiaoyun's approach is deviant.

She is very open: "I have always said that traditional art must keep up with the pace of the times, so as to bring a refreshing feeling to the audience. The so-called 'classic' should not be a shackle that restricts the development of traditional art."

  Breaking the age group and breaking the audience, today, traditional folk art even broke the "dimensional wall" and began to appear in the game.

In this regard, Sheng Xiaoyun said with a smile: "Before, when my children were addicted to playing games and didn't like listening to me sing Pingtan, I thought: One day I will add Pingtan to the game, so that you have to listen if you don't want to. Now there is finally someone. make this idea come true.”

  "People who make games put money first. They will choose traditional art and actively add traditional art to the game, which just shows that traditional art can bring benefits." And "Goddess Split View" goes overseas through games , the cases that have attracted attention around the world also make Sheng Xiaoyun believe that traditional art can go overseas with the help of the "two-dimensional" form that young people like to hear and hear, and gain exotic fans.

As sung in "Goddess Splitting View": "Qu Gao may not be ignorant, it has its own bosom friend and clear words." (End)