Hani Shaker in a stern warning to Omar Kamal: "You are slandering me."

In a new development for festival singers' crisis with the Musicians Syndicate, artist Hani Shaker confirmed in press statements on the sidelines of his participation and singing at the opening ceremony of the "Dandara Festival for Music and Singing" in Qena, that none of festival singers is allowed to mention his name during his talks.

Shaker sent a strongly-worded message to the singer Omar Kamal, saying: "You slander me, do not talk about me and mention my name."

He added that he is proud to sing and participate in the festival in the presence of the people of Qena and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Culture.

The head of the Musicians' Syndicate confirmed that the El-Kenawi audience preserves its artistic and archaeological heritage, pointing out that he feels fear when meeting the audience as if it is the first time he stands on stage.

The artist, Hani Shaker, had unanimously decided by the Syndicate Council to stop the singer Omar Kamal from singing, and not to grant him any new permits to sing until he was investigated against the background of what he mentioned in a video broadcast on his personal account on “Facebook”, after one of the followers told him, “Hani Shaker will support you.” Omar Kamal replied to him, saying: "Hani Shaker is more likely to make a mistake."

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