• Shining

    Vale is a horror comedy, and even “


    in comedy” according to its authors, which debuts Sunday on Starzplay.

  • The 

    Shining Vale

    series marks the return of Courteney Cox to television, well surrounded by Greg Kinnear, Sherilyn Fenn, Judith Light or Mira Sorvino.

  • Creators Sharon Horgan and Jeff Astrof want to make people laugh as much as fear, a difficult balance to find.

If Courteney Cox will surely forever remain Gale Weathers in the cinema, as recently as the beginning of the year with the new


, she managed, willy-nilly, not to be only Monica Geller from


on television, with almost immediately after the end of cult sitcom, the series


then no less than six seasons of

Cougar Town.

The actress returns to Starzplay on Sunday with a new series,

Shining Vale

, a horror comedy that also marks the reunion of Sharon Horgan and Jeff Astrof, the creators and creators of two of the funniest, intelligent and inspired series in recent years. , respectively



 Trial & Error


Symptoms of depression and possession are the same

“I needed someone funny and creepy, so I immediately thought of Jeff,” Sharon Horgan remembers and laughs.

Jeff Atrof has another version of their meeting and collaboration: “I was looking for a project that played with the codes of the genre, as I always like to do, and a producer told me about Sharon's project.

At the mere mention of her name, I was already on board because I know that she always makes intelligent and existential comedies.

But his pitch was really great: 


but in comedy.

With the subtitle, almost a profession of faith: women are more prone to depression or possession, because the symptoms are the same”.

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Courteney Cox plays Pat Phelps, who, along with her husband Terry (Greg Kinnear) and family, moves from Brooklyn to Shining Vale, Connecticut, in an old Victorian mansion.

She is a former glory of the erotic novel, of lady porn, who has been waiting to publish her second novel for almost 20 years and sees her life slipping away.

Maybe that's why she had a torrid affair with a hot handyman.

This move is thus the last ditch effort to save her marriage, but Pat will realize that her demons are both real and supernatural when she begins to see the ghost Rosemary, a 1950s housewife…and serial killer. .

Blow away the heat and the dread

"I love to write about relationships, especially within a family," says Sharon Horgan.

However, nothing awakens the demons of a dysfunctional family more than children, than teenagers.

And if in addition, you add another person, for example the ghost of a

desperate housewife

straight out of the


, it's even better.

Shining Vale

thus constantly blows heat and dread, without ever falling into parody.

"We didn't want to compromise on humor or horror," says the co-creator.

It had to be scary too.

Our references ranged from The


, of course, to

Rosemary's Baby





Our series file

A balance that has not always been easy to find by Jeff Atrof's own admission, and an observation that the viewer can sometimes make in front of his screen.

Fortunately, the cast is there to hold it all together and put on a show, Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear in the lead, well supported by Sherilyn Fenn (

Twin Peaks

), Judith Light (

Madame is served

) or Mira Sorvino.


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