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, here is the title of Bob Odenkirk's autobiography published this month by Random House.

While on the set of Stephen Colbert's

Late Show

 to promote it, the actor returned to a difficult and solitary writing process far removed from what he was used to.

“I've written comedy for most of my career.

It was so difficult, Stephen.

We are alone.

It's you with your life, your memories and your thoughts.

And honestly, with all the distractions and social media, I couldn't concentrate,” the

Better Call Saul

star explained .

To relax the atmosphere a little, Bob Odenkirk then presented a mini-scene which shows him scolding a team of isolated ghostwriters in a cabin in the middle of the woods.

“It's an actor's autobiography.


“, he throws at them at one point in the sequence, while his character, never satisfied with the result, slowly sinks into madness with large swigs of whiskey.

See life differently

During the interview, Bob Odenkirk also returned to the heart attack that struck him on the set of

Better Call Saul

last year.

An incident that changed his outlook on life forever.

“For the rest of my life, I will think of the warmth that was sent to me as I went through this,” he concluded.


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