China News Service, Yiyang, March 5th (Wan Li) "Fingers intertwined, body leaning forward, arms straight, pressing two syllables once..." In front of the service desk of the Red Cross Society of Hunan Province, the staff patiently To popularize the common sense of first aid for the people, the local people are enthusiastic about learning, and they follow the staff to learn and practice, and they are very serious.

The staff of the Hunan Red Cross Society popularized the common sense of first aid for the public.

Photo by Wan Li

  On March 4th, the 2022 Hunan Provincial Culture, Technology and Sanitation "Three Going to the Countryside" centralized demonstration event was held in Huahai Square, Tea Township, Longtang Town, Anhua County, Yiyang City. Yang Haodong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee, attended.

The purpose of the activity is to make "Three Going to the Countryside" a powerful tool to help rural revitalization, and effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of the majority of farmers.

  At the event site, 28 provincial-level units in Hunan sent services to the grassroots level, and there were surging crowds in front of the service desks; the cultural and artistic programs with different characteristics on the stage were staged in turn, attracting continuous applause.

The provincial units also donated a total of 3.64 million yuan to Anhua County, as well as precious seedlings, fire fighting equipment, medicines and other materials worth more than 2 million yuan.

  Anhua County is a national key ecological function area and a key county for rural revitalization in the province.

The Huahai Community of Tea Township, Longtang Town, Anhua County, which is adjacent to the "Three Going to the Countryside" activity, was established in December 2019. It was formed by the merger of the original Dabailong Village and the ex-situ poverty alleviation and resettlement area. There are 13 townships in the county.

  In order to allow the people to "move in and live", Huahai Community, Tea Township, by supporting leading enterprises around the resettlement area, actively introduced poverty alleviation workshops and other measures in the resettlement area, so that the relocated people can have stable employment in or near the resettlement area. .

The community has also removed and transported more than 300 tons of old garbage, dredged the river for 3 kilometers, built a centralized sewage treatment plant, carried out residents' hygiene evaluation, and renovated the toilets of farmers scattered around the resettlement area.

A series of measures have achieved remarkable results, and the Huahai Community of Tea Township was awarded the national beautiful relocation and resettlement area.

  61-year-old Peng Tongzhong relocated to Huahai Community, a tea town.

He said that the infrastructure of the gold rush village where he lived was backward, and it was very inconvenient for his eldest grandson to go to school.

After moving to Huahai Community, the living environment has been greatly improved. The eldest grandson went to elementary school nearby, and he also enjoyed the happiness of his family.

Today's "Three Going to the Countryside" activity brought them technology and spiritual food, making them feel full of happiness.