How should we tell the children about the situation in Ukraine that is reported every day?

At the nursery school in Nakano-ku, Tokyo, we have set up a room called "Peace Room" to convey the importance of having children talk to each other and walk up to each other.

It's been three days and a week since Russia invaded Ukraine, but nursery teachers and older children talk about the situation that is reported every day at "Arte Children and Tree Nursery School" in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. We have time.

On the 4th, we talked about what to do if the children get along with each other, based on the situation in Ukraine.

Then, the child said, "Don't punch in the peace room and talk properly."

This "peace room" is a room where children who are close to each other talk to each other, and it is a rule that you should not hit or blame the other person here.

Through these efforts, nursery centers convey the importance of compromise by not violence, even if they get along with each other.

Yoko Totsuka, the director of the garden, said, "You shouldn't be violent, you'll be injured, it will hurt, and you'll be sad. I think it's something that children can't fight in their own way. Children are better than adults think. They talk about their thoughts, and sometimes they talk about the truth. When the negotiations over the ceasefire began, the children said, "We're talking. It's with our peaceroom. I want them to grow up to be children who can listen to the opinions of others. "