Russian expert: The first plastic surgery can be postponed for more than ten years!

Dr. Natalia Matorova, President of the Russian Society of Plastic Surgeons, said that it was previously recommended to have the first plastic surgery at the age of 47 but it can now be postponed for several more years.

In an interview with the press center of "Russia Segodnya" agency, the expert added that due to the development of cosmetic techniques, the first plastic surgery was postponed for more than ten years.

“When I was a resident doctor, our professors used to say that the first classic plastic surgery should be done at the age of 47, otherwise the opportunity will have passed. So it is better to do everything on time. But now thanks to skilled specialists who are competently and artfully dealing with skin problems,” Matorova explained. And the development of techniques, cosmetics, and methods of skin care, this process has been postponed for more than 10 years,” according to “Russia Today.”

The Russian expert concluded by saying, "In order for a woman to maintain her beauty, she must not forget to take care of her skin daily, review the beautician, exercise, follow a healthy and correct diet, and get rid of sad thoughts and sorrows. And look at the world with love."

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